push-to-lock fitting / straight / pneumatic / stainless steel



  • Attachment:


  • Configuration:


  • Applications:


  • Material:

    stainless steel, aluminum

  • Other characteristics:

    high-pressure, manual actuation, for pressure testing, for vacuum testing, for refrigerants

  • Diameter:

    0.25 in

  • Operating pressure:

    100 bar (1,450.38 psi)


The WEH® TW141 Quick Connector is ideally suited for function, pressure and leak testing at straight tubes with an external Ø of 4.8 mm to 22.0 mm as well as filling of closed cooling circuits with refrigerants. Safe and pressure-tight connections are established in just seconds - without tedious hand tightening.

The higher the test pressure, the tighter the WEH® Connector will clamp itself onto the test piece port thus establishing a leak-tight connection in just seconds. An internal pressure support provides additional operator safety by ensuring that disconnection is not possible until pressure has decreased to a safe value below 5 bar.

The front O-ring reliably seals the connection and can be easily replaced during maintenance.

Thanks to the jaw locking mechanism, surface pressure and thus deformation of the test piece is reduced. Additional sealants are not required. Time-consuming and expensive clamping and testing devices are eliminated.

The TW141 is a lever-actuated connector which creates no lateral forces that can distort the test piece or filling port when connecting and disconnecting. The easy and comfortable actuation of the connector makes for reduced testing times and facilitated workflows.

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