push-to-lock fitting / 90° angle / hydraulic / brass



  • Attachment:


  • Configuration:

    90° angle

  • Applications:


  • Material:

    brass, anodized aluminum

  • Other characteristics:

    manual actuation, with shut-off valve, for refrigerants, clean-break, with chlorophren seal, filling

  • Diameter:

    0.44 in

  • Operating pressure:

    42 bar (609.16 psi)


The WEH® TW111 Filling Connector is now available with a reduced outside diameter of only 25 mm.
It is specifically designed for filling and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems and plants. Compared to conventional screwed connectors, the escape of refrigerants from the WEH® Connector during connection and disconnection is reduced by 99 %. Thus saving costs - and far more importantly - our environment.
RSI resulting in the inflammation of tendons and abrasion of joints caused by continuous screwing and unscrewing of threaded joints is eliminated. Connection and disconnection is effected by a simple movement of the sliding sleeve. The integrated shutoff valve prevents the escape of refrigerant which remains in the filling tube and can then be correctly disposed of.
The TW111 is equipped with a UNF 7/16"-20 thread(equivalent to 1/4" - SAE tube connection) and is either available for low pressure (blue sliding sleeve).

The TW111 is also available with inline media inlet.