butterfly valve / with handwheel / flow control / for seawater
Batley Valve® BV 30000 WEIR Oil & Gas



  • Type:


  • Operation:

    with handwheel

  • Function:

    flow control

  • Media:

    for seawater, for gas

  • Body:

    double-flange, stainless steel, carbon steel, Hastelloy®, titanium

  • Other characteristics:

    high-pressure, low-noise, recirculation

  • Temperature:

    Min.: 30 °C (86 °F)

    Max.: 220 °C (428 °F)

  • DN:

    Min.: 100 mm

    Max.: 1,200 mm


Varidiff trim incorporates two hemi-spherical control elements on opposite sides of the vane to reduce the pressure recovery particularly at low openings: a value of 0.9 is achieved compared with 0.7 for a standard vane. Further efficacy is achieved by adding an integral baffle. For higher openings the pressure drop is broken down across the vane and the baffle plate which results in a reduction in pressure recovery. The flow characteristic is equal percentage with a turn down in excess of 100:1. Due to the low dynamic torque a stable mode of operation is maintained 5 and 80 degrees opening.