industrial water pump / for chemicals / centrifugal / for the petrochemical industry
Gabbioneta™ DH – DDH WEIR Oil & Gas



  • Media:

    for industrial water, for chemicals

  • Type:


  • Domain:

    for the petrochemical industry

  • Other characteristics:

    horizontal mount, heavy-duty, suction, radial, process, transport, high-temperature, for crude oil

  • Flow:

    Max.: 2,000 m³/h (70,629.3334 ft³/h)

    Min.: 0 m³/h (0 ft³/h)

    350 m³/h (12,360.1334 ft³/h)

  • Pressure:

    Max.: 150 bar (2,175.566 psi)

    Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)


OverviewGabbioneta® DH and DDH range of heavy-duty process pumps feature horizontal, between bearings with radial split casing, and a single (DH) or double (DDH) suction impeller. Suction and discharge nozzles, integrally cast with the casing, are arranged in a top-top position. Side-top, inline or side-by-side nozzle arrangements are available upon request.An ample balancing line from second stage to suction maintains stuffing box pressures within limits easily acceptable by any type of mechanical seals while minimizing axial thrust.