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metal tank / premix metal tank / premix - Mathena™


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OverviewThe Mathena™ premix tank, engineered for heavy mud performance, offers a high blend rate faster than larger tanks, and more blended product means fast deployment.The tank employs an engineered 3-paddle stir system and 6 eductor jets. The 100-horsepower motor allows the mud to maintain viscosity and a blended consistency, and to effectively discharge at improved rates for longer runs of pipe, making it effective in deep-hole applications. The Golden Throat Hopper and Lobestar Shear/Mixing Hopper are specially designed for speed mixing.The 3 paddles speed-mix the material without degradation and the 480-volt power agitation prevents settlement of drilling fluid. Premix tanks are available in 250 barrel, 270 barrel and 300 barrel capacities.For cold climates, a heated doghouse and 1-inch internal steam line combat freezing.