knife gate valve / with handwheel / for slurry / flange
Delta Industrial™ 15 series WEIR Oil & Gas



  • Type:

    knife gate

  • Operation:

    with handwheel

  • Media:

    for slurry

  • Body:

    flange, stainless steel

  • Applications:

    for heavy-duty applications

  • Other characteristics:

    bidirectional, standard

  • Pressure:

    Min.: 0 psi

    Max.: 285 psi

  • DN:

    Min.: 25 mm

    Max.: 2,400 mm


Standard face to face dimensions conform to MSS-SP-81 and MSS-SP-135. Maximum operating pressures, depending upon body material, are 285-psig (1,965 kPag). In addition, Delta Series 15S or 15L is available with custom face to face dimensions designed for specific application.
Key features/benefits

Full flanged body design
Non-rising stem
Stainless steel stem with rolled acme threads
Lexan bonnet covers
Bevelled-edged gate tip
Dual resilient and metal seats
Bi-directional zero leakage seat
Sealing independent of pipeline pressure or direction
Optimal features per application
In-service repackable seal
No cavity on bottom port
All styles of actuators available
Optional ni-hard wear ring
Optional carbide body lining


Slurry transportation
Tailings Management