electric valve / for LNG / stainless steel / cryogenic
Q-Valve 80K WEKA


  • Operation:


  • Media:

    for LNG

  • Body:

    stainless steel

  • Applications:

    cryogenic, vacuum

  • Other characteristics:

    for nitrogen

  • Temperature:



The WEKA group are a leading manufacturer of cryogenic components for the application of liquefied and cryogenic gases. Generally "cryogenic" refers to the temperature range below about 120K (-153 °C). Cryogenic technology is used for the cooling of superconducting solenoids and acceleration cavities in high energy physics and in fusion research. The cryopumps generate ultrahigh vacuums and liquid hydrogen is used as fuel for rockets and more and more nowadays as energy source. Helium -in its state of gas, liquid or suprafluid- is the most commonly used cooling fluid with the WEKA cryogenic components, and Helium has a normal boiling point of 4.2K. The distillation processes are used for the production and storage of Helium and Hydrogen as well as for Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon.