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Nylon tube
Nylochem™ Wellstone


  • Material:


  • Inner diameter:

    Min.: 0.125 in

    Max.: 0.5 in

  • Pressure:

    200 psi

  • Temperature:

    Min.: -60 °F (-51.11 °C)

    Max.: 200 °F (93.33 °C)


Nylon tubing is recognized as an industry standard for applications which require higher working pressures and higher heat and/or chemical resistance than our polyurethane tubing. Nylon 12 is strong, lightweight and has a very low moisture absorption rate compared to other nylons. By not absorbing moisture, Nylon 12 will remain more flexible, which in turn extends it's service life. Nylon tubing can be used with standard push-to-connect fittings and compression fittings for simple installation.


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