time-of-flight laser distance sensor / rugged / compact / precision
OWTH 5130 AE S1 Welotec GmbH



  • Technology:

    time-of-flight laser

  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, compact, precision, with analog output, IP67

  • Range:

    Min.: 200 mm

    Max.: 13,000 mm


Measuring range: 200 - 13000 mm, Resolution: 5000 µm, Linearity error: 15 mm, Measuring frequency: 100 Hz, Current output : 4 - 20 mA

These laser runtime sensors are designed for wide measurements. With their compact casings, they are one of the smallest and simultaneously powerful sensors on the market. These sensors are excellently suited for measuring distances and determining positions in large machines, e.g. those used in the wood-, metal- and paper-processing industries, as well as on lifting platforms and lifts.
The repeat accuracy, linearity and the response time allows the OWTH series of sensors to carry out precise measurements even on moving objects. The compact design of this range of sensors means that it is easier to integrate them into applications.
The standard alarm output also increases process reliability. An alarm will be triggered in the event of the sensor not being able to reliably process the received signals due to severe clogging. The sensors will also indicate when no object is located in their measuring range. The measuring range may be restricted with the teaching key or the connected line. The robust metal casing, the washable glass window and the IP67- compliant design all help guarantee long lifespan – even in heavy industrial applications.