laser triangulation distance sensor / small / with analog output / IP67
OWLG 4012 AA S2 Welotec GmbH



  • Technology:

    laser triangulation

  • Other characteristics:

    small, with analog output, IP67

  • Range:

    Min.: 16 mm

    Max.: 120 mm


Measuring range: 16 - 120 mm, Resolution: 2 - 120 µm, Linearity error: 0.015 - 0.35 mm, Measuring frequency: 1100 Hz, Voltage output : 0 - 10 V

Distance sensors in the OWLG series are the smallest of their kind in the world and are thus excellently suited for installation in plants and machines. In spite of its compact design, the metal casing houses all the electronic components and meets the requirements of IP67. The sensors are also very precise with resolutions of up to 2 μm. With measuring frequencies exceeding 1,100 Hz. The measuring range can be taught either by key actions or external methods.