laser triangulation distance sensor / with analog output / IP67
OWLSB 4010 AE S2 Welotec GmbH



  • Technology:

    laser triangulation

  • Other characteristics:

    with analog output, IP67

  • Range:

    Min.: 60 mm

    Max.: 100 mm


Measuring range: 60 - 100 mm, Resolution: 15 - 38 µm, Linearity error: 0.047 - 0.118 mm, Measuring frequency: 500 Hz, Current output : 4 - 20 mA

Laser distance sensors in the OWLSB series were designed to carry out measurements on extremely lightabsorbing and shiny surfaces. These sensors now make it possible to carry out such demanding tasks as taking measurements on black rubber or very shiny plastic components. Sensors in the OWLSB series are able to deal with reflection levels of up to 0.5%. And the optimized software increases extraneous light reliability to 100 kLux; so that reliable measurements can be carried out under any kind of ambient condition.