off-grid DC/AC inverter / modified sine wave / electronic equipment
CHNB-X600 Wenzhou ChuHan Technology Co., Ltd



  • Technology:


  • Electrical characteristics:

    modified sine wave

  • Applications:

    electronic equipment

  • Power:

    600 W

  • Voltage:

    220 V, 110 V


CHUHAN CHNB-X series modified power inverter for off-grid featuring high efficiency, extremely low consumption power as well as excellent reliability. It could provide a continuous rated power, and surge power is double. With frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz and extremely low wave distortion. Outstanding protection of low voltage alarm, low voltage shut down, overload /overvoltage/ overheat protection. CHUHAN power inverter your’s best energy solution for household equipement.

Design Feature:
Sine wave: modified
With USB connector
Size: 235*102*58mm
Reverse Connect protection

Electrical characteristics:
* Good quality and reliability
* Good efficiency ≥95%
* Thermal protection
* Short current protection
* Over load /Over current/ Over voltage Protections
* High and low voltage alarm function
* High temperature protection
* Waveform Distortion rate: ≤1%
* Cooling by fan

*Vehicle and vessel Equipment Series: Military vehicle, police cars, ambulances, ships, trucks, cars, etc.
* Digital electronic product series: digital cameras, game consoles, and all kinds of mobile phones, learning machine, MP3 / 4

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