digital force gauge / tension/compression / portable
SHAHE/HF Series/ Digital Push Pull Force Gauge Wenzhou Sanhe Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd



  • Type:


  • Options and accessories:

    tension/compression, portable

  • Rated force:

    Min.: 0 kN

    Max.: 3,000 kN



1. High resolution and high accuracy: precision grade 0.5, the minimum reading up to 0.001N

2. Peak hold function: can catch the peak in the test

3. Three display modes are available: real-time, automatic peak, peak

4. Measurement modes: standard test mode, push and pull peak mode, push peak mode, pull peak mode, external node off-on mode, external node on-off mode

5. Maximize the test efficiency

6. Function: freely setting on upper and lower deviation limit, LCD screen with "MAX" "MIN" display and buzzer alarm

7. Signal output function: you can set the comparison value, when the measuring force value exceeds the setted value, a signal is outputted

8. Automatic peak function: keep displaying the peak value for 2 seconds., then release automatically

9. Automatic shutdown function: 10 minutes without operation it will automatically shutdown

10. Calculation: connected to the computer, the gauge can automatically calculate the max & min. value in every test

11. Real-time analysis function: connected to the computer, the gauge simultaneously displays the test curves and make various analyses on the computer screen