digital display protractor
SHAHE/5422-500 0-360° 0.05° ±0.3°/Digital Angle Rule Wenzhou Sanhe Measuring Instrument Co., Ltd



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    digital display


Technical Data
1. Resolution: 0.05°
2. Measuring range: 0-360°
3. Accuracy: ±0.3°
4. Work temperature: 0-40℃
5. Working humidity: 80%
6. Battery: 3V environmental battery, battery life >1 year

1. 2-in-1, to measure both length and angle.
2. Stainless steel scale achieve durable using.
3. Easily operation with three function keys.
4. Inside & and Outside angle measure.
5. Quick display of the measured value on big LCD screen.
6. With on-off power switch & Auto power -off for option.
7. Fastening screw to fix the measuring angle in any position.
8. Both measure the angle and length, metric and inch display.
9. Compact structure to achieve convenient carrying and using.
10. Easily drawing line with the stainless steel rule.
11. It could be well used into carious field instead of angle rule, straight ruler and square etc.

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