bench-top torque meter / for torque wrenches / calibration / for screwdriver
ANL-500A-20 series Wenzhou Tripod Instrument Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for torque wrenches, calibration, for screwdriver

  • Other characteristics:


  • Torque:

    Max.: 20 Nm (14.75

    Min.: 0.5 Nm (0.37


The ANL digital torque meter is specially designed for measuring all kinds of torque. It is suitable for all kinds of torque measurement and adjust components reverse destructive test, and more.

This product is mainly used in measuring all kinds of electric and air torque, bottle opener, screwdriver, torque wrench, tighten torque instrument and product, widely applies in the electrical manufacture, the machine manufacture, the automobile light industry and the specialized scientific research and industry.

◇High accuracy, high resolution, and stability. The sampling speed can be set.
◇Fluctuate limiting value set, has the acousto-optic alarm device.
◇Lattice type LCD, the back light can be set.
◇Torque directions identify.
◇Three kind of unit: N · m, kg · cm, lb · in automatic conversion.
◇Many kinds of front values maintain.
◇Power source shows and low power prompt.
◇No-operation close automatically, can set the close time.
◇Saves and prints 100 test data, can clean out at will.
◇Uses the USB connect to the PC, examine real-time, survey curve, and carries on processing to the data: such as prints, statistics and so on.