residual current residual current circuit breaker / earth-leakage / AC / modular
52 series Werner Electric GmbH



  • Electrical characteristics:

    residual current, earth-leakage, AC

  • Operating mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    molded case

  • Current:

    Max.: 80,000 mA

    Min.: 30 mA


WERNERS 52 series surplus current circuit rollers are engineered to identify and trip on a short leakage current that can offer quick safety to humans from electrocution, short-circuits and mechanical tools.

This series is utilized for segregation, shifting and earth leakage safety in the orbit of AC 50/60Hz and valued voltage of on pole at a maximum of 415V. Similarly, it can help to accomplish a sporadic change of circuit and illumination in typical situation. The WERNERS 52 series can be accessed in 25 Amps, 40 Amps, 63 Amps and 80 Amps along with 2 Pole and 4 Pole while the mille-amps reactivity is accessible in 30, 100, 300 & 500.

The surplus current circuit rollers are produced using premium quality materials and advanced technology in order to deliver an exceptional performance.