motor protection circuit breaker / short-circuit / overload / modular
55 series Werner Electric GmbH



  • Electrical characteristics:

    short-circuit, overload

  • Operating mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    DIN rail, molded case, compact

  • Applications:

    motor protection

  • Current:

    63 A


WERNERS 55 motor protection circuit breakers are designed for comprehensive overload, as well as to protect against short circuits. They have often been regarded as the best in the supervision of motors, which is often the case for the manufacturing and process industries. The items in this series are also characterized by their modularity and compactness.

MPCBs can be mounted on a 35mm DIN rail, being available up to 63A. The standalone motor protection, on the other hand, comes with enhanced system life, being ideal for original equipment manufacturers, such as those in the textile machinery and automobile machinery industries, as well as for food processing machines and special purpose machines.

There are various accessories that make the application field wider, enabling the fulfillment of major user demands.