Foundry sand cooler
max. 5 t/h Wesman

The Fluid Bed Cooler / Classifier is engineered to cool and classify dry (less than 3% moisture) foundry sand on year round basis when coupled with optional extra, water cooling tower.

Proper cooling and classifying is accomplished by utilizing a controlled flow of air into and out of the classifier. The air flow into the unit achieves fluidization which produces a gentle polishing action which effectively removes dust adhering to the sand grains. The air flow out of the unit is controlled so that a slight negative pressure is maintained above the fluidized sand, thereby drawing off the dislodged dust particles. Thorough cooling is maintained by exposing the sand to water cooling pipes running the length of the sand bed.

The unit consists of a fluidizing deck with self-cleaning capped orifice-type jets that require little maintenance, mounted above a chamber into which air is fed. The air velocity, regulated by adjustable damper valves, is supplied by a Centrifugal fan.


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