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blind rivet / button head / plastic
R-Lok® West Coast Lockwasher



  • Type:


  • Head:

    button head

  • Material:


  • Length:

    Max.: 31 mm

    Min.: 17 mm

  • Head diameter:

    Max.: 0.15 in

    Min.: 0.09 in

  • Body diameter:

    Max.: 6.95 mm

    Min.: 3.91 mm


This unique device is a one piece, all plastic expansion rivet designed to securely fasten a wide variety of materials in a broad range of applications.

The R-LOK quickly inserts from either side of the assembly, using standard rivet setting tools. As the tool pulls the pin through the body, it draws the panels together.

When set, the pin breaks off even with the head, leaving an attractive, finished appearance.

The R-LOK will hold panels of a wide variety of materials, metal or plastic. It is particularly effective for soft materials such as rubber, urethane or padded fabrics.

Ideal for appliance, business machine, computer, telecommunications, electronics and construction applications.