Chart recorder / temperature regulator / programmable / circular
Partlow MRC 8000 West Control Solutions


  • Type:


  • Measured physical value:

    temperature regulator

  • Other characteristics:

    programmable, circular


The Partlow MRC 8000 manufactured by WEST Control Solutions is a Chart Recorder and Data Acquisition. This device is equipped with a large recording area that has a measurement of 12 inches. Also, this device has an enhanced platen assembly which excludes the slide wire feedback and increases the reliability. It has an isolated 4-20mA output which caters an excellent accuracy and resolution.

Moreover, the Partlow MRC 8000 Chart Recorder and Data Acquisition is available with two types that are the recording controller and the basic recorder. Both of these types are known as either dual or single pen units. These devices has the capacity of measuring, recording and displaying temperature, level, pressure, flow and etc.


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