Chart recorder / programmable / circular
MRC 9000 West Control Solutions


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  • Other characteristics:

    programmable, circular


The VersaChart (model: Partlow MRC 9000), manufactured by West Control Solutions, is specifically designed for applications involving high-performance record/controller with custom ramp / soak capability. In addition, this easy-to-setup device offers a powerful true time-based profile capability and an exceptional value per data. Through a newly-developed printing technology, this device is capable of producing a circle chart in four colors with alpha-numeric chart for clearer, more accurate charts that can be archived. Furthermore, the VersaChart is the only circle chart recorder that is apt for delivering up to 16 profiles with which each profile has 8 segments.

This has a profiling feature that allows closed loop PID process control with additional capacity of configurable set points as a function of time. Additionally, the profile features includes actuators, parameters as well as function block feature that permits logic equation.


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