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Roof-mount photovoltaic solar panel
245 - 250 V | INSTANT CONNECT® Westinghouse Solar


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The Westinghouse Solar AC solar panel leverages the very latest design and advances in technology to yield maximum power, performance and reliability.

Our proven innovation and quality provides:
Integrated Mounting Systems. The INSTANT CONNECT® technology enables rapid and secure mounting of panels directly to the roof (both sloped roof and flat roofs) by integrating the solar panel racking directly into the panel. The patented frame design utilizes an innovative splice system that automates all connections to achieve accelerated installations that are built to last.

Advanced power production technology. Westinghouse Solar panels incorporate reliable weather resistant electronics and highly efficient micro-inverters built directly into each panel, delivering greater energy production across various outdoor conditions.

5-25% more energy than other solar panels. Advanced panel technology efficiently captures and converts more of the suns energy into usable power.

Safe, reliable AC power. Westinghouse Solar Power Systems feature built-in technology that delivers safe AC power. In addition, our protected wiring, solid framing and integrated grounding systems eliminate the hazards of exposed wiring and the corrosive effects of the elements.

Sleek, efficient design. The clean, contemporary look of Westinghouse Solar Panels complements any roof and style of home. The entire system requires 80% fewer parts to install and maintainensuring years of worry-free operation.


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