Band saw / horizontal / semi-automatic / double-column
40 x 40" | S-40-4 WF Wells Inc

Capacity Rectangular @ 90° 40" H x 40" W
@ 45° 40" H x 24" W
Weight Capacity 15,000 lbs
Blade Speed 115-500 SFPM
Blade Size 25/s" x .063" x 29'
Blade Guide Carbide Blocks, Spring Tensioned
Blade Tension Hydraulic
Bandwheel Size 42"
Vise Hydraulic Full Stroke
Blade Drive 15 HP, AC Vector Drive
Sawing Force 0-1000 lbs
Coolant Capacity 20 Gallons
Hydraulic Capacity 20 Gallons
Hydraulic Drive 5 HP Motor
Work Height 28"
Vise Jaw Height 24"
Blade Tension Indicator
Blade Break/Stall Switch
Shipping Weight 10,500 lbs
Electrics Wired to NFPA 79 Machine Tool S


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