suspended load shot blasting machine / for metal / for bulk materials / compact
SPH Wheelabrator



  • Type:

    suspended load

  • Applications:

    for metal, for bulk materials

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, 2-wheel


Slimmer, more powerful, designed for Al

Wheelabrator has launched a new compact blast machine, designed specifically for aluminium applications. Based on our trusted batch-type spinner-hanger wheel blast concept, the new SPH-2-3/8 excels at descaling, deburring/deflashing and cleaning of a variety of aluminium parts. Optimising the machine for this application enabled the design team to also reduce its price significantly.

Like other members of the SPH spinner hanger family, the new machine features two blast chambers that form two halves of a cylinder rotating around the vertical axis. This enables simultaneous loading/unloading and blasting, which in turn results in a more efficient use both of space and of the two blast wheels.

Key Benefits:
- Compact design
- High flexibility and reliability
- Fast operation, short auxiliary times
- Minimum maintenance cost and minimal breakdown risk
- Minimal stray abrasive, minimal loss of shot
- Replaceable manganese drum lining

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