Hydraulic flow divider
max. 4 000 psi | FD series White Drive Products


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White Drive Products flow dividers represent an ingenious use of the patented Roller Stator® gerotor assembly. These highly effective devices use a common housing to supply the input flow to two gerotor assemblies linked by a common drive link. By linking the two gerotor assemblies together, accurate splitting of the flow is assured. These flow dividers use no bearings or rotating seals, eliminating the typical failures in other designs. By using the highly efficient Roller Stator® gerotor elements, high efficiencies are maintained, even at low flows. Because White Drive Products flow dividers work at much lower RPMs than most gear dividers, they are noticeably quieter. These flow dividers are an excellent way to synchronize cylinders or motors. Because they tolerate higher output pressure differentials than other designs, they may also be used for pressure intensification by connecting one output to tank.
Flow: 2 -40 gpm (8 - 151 lpm)
Max Pressure: 4000 psi (275 bar)


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