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Industrial mezzanine
Whittan Storage Systems


A mezzanine floor is a raised structural steel platform independent of the main building structure, supported by steel columns. Mezzanine floors create an invaluable additional floor area out of what was simply wasted air space above existing work and storage areas. Mezzanine floors are an economical way of increasing the amount of space available to you and they can often eliminate the upheaval, downtime and expense of rebuilding or relocating your premises.

A mezzanine can be as small or large or tall as you like. It can be multi-tiered, have standard or special staircases, lifts or access gates, handrails or partitioning barriers. It can use wood or steel decking, be finished in special colours, and can be totally encased. Whatever your requirements we can design a mezzanine floor to suit your individual business needs.


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