external turning tool / indexable insert / for small parts machining / precision
WhizFix Whizcut of Sweden AB



  • Type :


  • Features:

    indexable insert

  • Other characteristics:

    for small parts machining, precision, for Swiss style CNC machines, for external grooving


Index or change an insert in 15 seconds - without removing the toolholder from the machine.
The WhizFix tool holder system, for external turning in swiss automatics, uses a bent pin and a nut to index the insert.

Indexing an insert is easy, accurate and quick. You can index or change the insert while the tool holder is in the machine, even if there only is access from the back side of the tool.
Indexing or changing an insert will not change the setting and the result is: a much faster return to full production. There is no risk of damaging the new cutting edge.

Most WhizCut toolholders are also available in a WhizHip version. The WhizHip tool holders have high pressure coolant through the toolhoolder.