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Arc welder / single-phase
WIDOS ESI 4000 WIDOS Wilhelm Dommer Söhne GmbH


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The electro socket welding machine of the latest generation for the plastic welding of pipes and fittings of all kind is equipped with a mature inversion technology. The device is absolutely appropriate for the building site due to the approved WIDOS technology and convinces with a weight of only 12 kg. The VA protective frame not only protects the welding machine against damages, it also serves as a handle and aid for winding the welding and power supply cables. Both cables have a length of minimum 4 meters and can be provided in other lengths on request. The barcode reading pen is quickly replaceable by a protected plug connection and secured against falling down by a leather bag. The serial authorization card and an adaptor plug for the most common fittings are stored in a detachable side pocket. This pocket disposes of sufficient space for further accessories, e. g. manual scraper.


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