vibration measurement signal conditioning module
iT100, iT200 Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies



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    for vibration measurement


The iT100/iT200 utilizes an IEPE accelerometer, which provides a buffered dynamic signal. This feature permits the user to interface with the PLC/DCS system. The device may use a BNC connector, to conduct an extensive vibration analysis.

The product is suitable for use in employing online vibration monitoring, and alarming. The vibration transmitter is efficient in different fields such as in industrial, commercial, and municipal areas. Also, the device can be used in various processes like food, beverage, brewing, and petrochemical.

In addition, the equipment provides a dimension of 17.5 mm x 127 mm x 100 mm. It functions in an operating temperature of -40 °C to more than 85 ° C.