monitor with touchscreen / 15" / 1024 x 768 / 1280 x 800
W10L100-PCHx-PoE, R10L100-PCxx-PoE series Winmate, Inc.



  • Technology:

    with touchscreen

  • Display size:


  • Resolution:

    1024 x 768, 1280 x 800, 1024 x 600

  • Mounting:

    panel-mount, wall-mount, VESA mounting, chassis-mounted

  • Other characteristics:

    wide, compact, PoE, IP65, dust-proof, NEMA 4, waterproof

  • Applications:

    industrial, POS, video surveillance, for digital signage, for industrial machines, for CNC machines, for displays

  • Screen size:

    Max.: 15 in

    Min.: 10.1 in


Winmate presents a new product line of PoE Touch Monitors for industrial applications. The PoE technology features a system that safely transfers electrical power, along with data, to remote devices over a single standard category 5 cable in an Ethernet network greatly reducing the need for electrical outlets, making them ideal in a wide variety of environments.

● Compact sizes from 10.1 to 15-inch
● Standard video input VGA, HDMI
● Significant power savings with PoE
● Chassis housing
● Panel, VESA mount
● Front IP65 water and dust protection

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