ultra high-purity hydrogen gas generator / laboratory / multi-use
HYDROGEN+ WIRAC Automation Ltd



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    ultra high-purity

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HYDROGEN+, is the latest range of Laboratory and Industrial High FlowGas Hydrogen Generators from Noblegen Products.

Utilising the reliable electrolyitc membrane technique of producing hydrogen gas from water is used to produce high quality Hydrogen Gas at various flows and purities (see performance data sheets).

The Hydrogen+ series are cost effective solutions for delivering hydrogen gas with safety built into every component.
The cylinder free system eliminates the expensive gas infrastructure and storage / safety concerns, and requires only
de-ionized water to produce a constant supply of high quality hydrogen gas.

The Hydrogen+ series are the preferred choice of laboratories requiring on-site hydrogen generation with quality, reliability and safety. Hydrogen+ series features low power consumption, rapid start-up and high quality gas (99.999%).