oxygen analyzer / carbon dioxide / CO2/02 / benchtop
MAPY 4.0 WITT-Gasetechnik



  • Measured entity:

    oxygen, carbon dioxide, CO2/02

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    with data logger, continuous, automatic, monitoring, sampling, with touchscreen, with CO2/O2 sensor, for the food industry, for MAP, for quality control, zirconia


Analyzing System for the monitoring of protective atmospheres in food packaging (MAP).
For continuous analysis (inline) and also intermittent sampling via a needle e.g. from food packs. A flexible analyzer to guarantee quality and productivity of production processes. Available as a single or double analyzer for carbon dioxide and oxygen.


minimum sample gas required for analysis of smallest volumes (e.g. food packaging) fast response time
fast measuring results of sampling
simple to operate via touchscreen
reliable steady measuring results and high accuracy through pressure compensation
simple calibration of sensor
permanent monitoring of set limit values
alarm signals are given if the set limits are exceeded and a potential-free contact operates to e.g. auto-stop your machine to avoid quality problems
easy-to-clean stainless steel housing for maximum hygiene, splash-proof
USB connection for file transfer by USB memory stick
Ethernet connection for network integration
internal audible alarm
measured data storage
administration of product names
user management for measurement personalization