horizontal injection molding machine / servo-hydraulic / rotating table / multi-component
SmartPower COMBIMOULD Wittmann Battenfeld



  • Closure:


  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    multi-component, rotating table

  • Clamping force:

    Max.: 3,922.66 kN

    Min.: 588.4 kN


COMBIMOULD is the multi-component technology of WITTMANN BATTENFELD. This technology offers the complete range of solutions to meet the increasingly stringent demands of the plastic product market on design and functionality and guarantees an optimal adaptation to every product through diversity in processes.
The combination of several plastic materials with different attributes and/or different colors into one component in a single cycle with integrated downstream steps, such as bonding, assembly and screwing, opens up new dimensions in product properties with simultaneous cost-efficiency.

The WITTMANN BATTENFELD know-how includes all process variants such as multi-color, composite, assembly, multi-component and sandwich injection molding. Based on the SmartPower series, the multi-component SmartPower offers the right packages for all types of multi-component technology with an extensive range of optional extras and a great variety of combinations. This allows optimal adaptation of the machine, mold and automation technology to every individual product.

Highly accurate clamping systems with linear guides and high-performance injection units.
Injection units can be freely selected and combined.
The servo-electric rotatory table technology ensures fast and accurate positioning of preforms.
Independent, parallel, high-performance injection from all injection units through the flexible drive concept based on electrically adjustable twin or triple pumps.