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Plastic pellet hopper loader / for pneumatic conveying / for the plastics industry
FEEDMAX basic, FEEDMAX plus series Wittmann


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    for plastic pellets, for pneumatic conveying, for the plastics industry


These units combine the advantages of a single loader with those of central material loaders.
This practical, newly designed appliance with the appearance of a single loader has been equipped with high-performance blowers, so that it can reach a higher material throughput and handle material conveyance over longer distances.
FEEDMAX plus, based on the central loaders with discharge shut-off valves, offers the possibility of controlling up to 24 devices using the TEACHBOX basic touchscreen remote control – even in combination with FEEDMAX basic.

Material contacting components of stainless steel.
Vacuum connection with sealing surface.
Flap lid with integrated screen.
Inlet with proper wall thickness, special steel casting.
ambiLED status Display.


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