mono-component paint spray unit / high-pressure / airless



  • Sprayed material:

    mono-component paint

  • Other characteristics:

    high-pressure, airless


The products from the new PROFIT range are specially designed for the crafts trade and industry. This range includes products such as WIWA PROFIT. Then there is the compact, powerful and economical WIWA Airless paint spraying equipment also the Air-Combi spray painting system. It is a mobile paint spraying equipment that offers flexible use. It is suited for repairs and touch-up work which need moderate material consumption. Its air motor and fluid pump are separated by a closed flushing agent chamber.

The device comes with a flushing material to prevent encrustations of paint on the piston rod. Its lubricating effect protects the seals. Its double action pump comes with fixed, spring loaded seals. The device has durable parts such as hard chromated double piston, hard metal valve plates and stainless steel valve balls. It offers superior performance with its Double filter system (suction and high pressure filter).