Mono-component paint spray unit / high-pressure / airless


  • Sprayed material:

    mono-component paint

  • Other characteristics:

    high-pressure, airless


The HERKULES is a boatyard and shipyard high pressure cleaner that is specially designed for heavy corrosion protection and maximum demands specifically found on marine and offshore applications. It is characterized by its quality and durable pump technology that can generate optimum pressure transmission rates and massive volumetric capacities. Available models include the 35075 and the 35061 that are powerful units that are utilized for large areas and thick-film coatings. These models are integrated with high pressure ratios and maximum pumping capabilities. Each pressure cleaner is equipped with a several spray guns that is installed with numerous hose lengths that can reach a maximum of 100 meters. These hose lengths allows optimum area output value and a high coating thickness.


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