paint spray unit / for protective coverings / airless



  • Sprayed material:


  • Other characteristics:

    for protective coverings, airless


DUOMIX 300/333 is product of worldwide known WIWA manufacturer and the part of DUOMIX series.
DUOMIX 300/333 is a powerful plural component that can be used as airless paint spraying system that can cover very large areas.
DUOMIX heavy-duty coating system is very reliable system designed for the wide range of plural and triple component coating materials.
This is in fact the only plural component system in the world that offers the flexibility of a variably adjustable plural component system and can also be used as triple component system. It is also combined with the reliability of a fixed mixing ratio.
It is designed for application of extremely viscous, solvent free plural or triple component materials. WIWA DUOMIX shows its specific strength, when using different materials with extremely short pot life.
This product range offers a lot of different extensive, optionally available range that are needed for innovative fields of application.