transmission chain / steel / roller / hollow-pin
WMH Herion Antriebstechnik GmbH



  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Configuration:

    roller, hollow-pin

  • Other characteristics:

    attachment, custom-made


Chains - Custom Made Parts

In addition to our standard range, we offer special chains for a variety of application areas:

Roller Chains
with extended pins, straight and bent attachments

Hollow-Pin Chains
Agricultural Chains
Bushed Chains

Leaf Chains
Top-Plate Chains
Conveyor Chains (DIN 8165, DIN 8167-ISO 1977)
Hollow-Pin Conveyor Chains (DIN 8168-ISO 1977)

Conveyor Roller Chains
Multi Purpose Roller Chains (acc. to DIN 8189-ISO 487)
Cranked Link Conveyor Chains (malleable replacement series)
Friction Free Guides

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