Robotic deburring cell
Wolf Produktionssysteme GmbH & Co.KG

The soldering rod as a tool for soft-soldering has been state of the art for decades. When certain important criteria are observed, this process can be automatized. Such a criterion is the pressing of the soldering rod to the soldering point in order to guarantee constant heat transfer.

To this end, Wolf have developed the patented Quick-Step procedure. During rod soldering, the flux material is fed via one or several flux core(s) in the solder wire. Via the soldering tip, the soldering point is heated and the solder transported to the soldering point.

The soldering rod robot cell developed and manufactured by Wolf makes sure that your soldering task is performed automatically and reliably. By using management systems with up to four programmable axles, rod soldering can be employed flexibly and used for a wide variety of soldering tasks.

Possible variants:
As a stand-alone machine / with rotary table / with drawers / with integrated transport system. Compatible with all Wolf standard cells.
Open architecture for the integration of many options.


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