thermal imaging imaging system / for NDT
OEM ThermoInspector Workswell s.r.o.



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    thermal imaging

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    for NDT


The Workswell OEM ThermoInspector system for FLIR thermal cameras is a parameterized thermal imaging inspection system (OEM kit) for the inspection of quality in production, quality control in production and for fire protection on landfills, incineration plants for communal waste, warehouses and industrial operating units. The ThermoInspector system has been proven to work in many various area of industry: plastic, glass, steel, foundry, wood, paper and chemical industries, etc.

The advantage of the Workswell OEM ThermoInspector is full compatibility with FLIR GigE thermo cameras, i.e. Automation series FLIR Ax5, A315 and A615, Science series FLIR A325sc and A655sc and also with FLIR cooled thermal cameras, which enables easy integration and the use in various applications.