air compressor / stationary / electrically-powered / screw
Rollair 270-340 Worthington Creyssenssac



  • Type:


  • Portability:


  • Power source:


  • Technology:


  • Lubrication:


  • Other characteristics:

    two-stage, air-cooled

  • Applications:


  • Pressure:

    Min.: 7.5 bar (108.78 psi)

    Max.: 13 bar (188.55 psi)

  • Flow:

    8.4 m³/s, 9.2 m³/s (296.64 ft³/s)

  • Power:

    200 kW, 250 kW (271.92 hp)


The Worthington Creyssensac Rollair 270-340 is engineered to aid certain industries reached their everyday operation. The series features its gearbox driven unit that are the modern combination of screw elements. It has also motors that are standardized with class AP55 which is the superior efficiency needed in order to maximized the cooling system for as to lowers the air and liquid present. This unit is the best option when it comes to complex regulation of service schedule from the regulator and to all parts of the machine. It comes with a two-stage air filter which protects the compressor from contamination such as dust . It comes with a user friendly color display so as the operator can quickly understand how the system works.