Hydrostatic water level data logger
WLL Series WTW

The height of the ground water level above sea level is an indicator of the volume changes at the measuring point. Ground water levels are crucial in the planning and execution of construction work (building foundations, traffic areas, landfills), but also a critical factor when monitoring long-term changes and effects on the environment.

The WLL Series automatically measures and stores water level changes using compensated air pressure measurements. The pressure is detected by the analog waterproof sensor and is sent to the splash-proof logger as mA signal. The logger, which is powered by standard batteries, stores over 80,000 measured values including time and date. Data can be transmitted to a PC or laptop via a USB port: the operating modes can also be programmed via this interface. In addition to interval-controlled measuring data acquisition, there is the logarithmic mode, and an event-driven mode. There are two versions, with differing measuring ranges and cable lengths.


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