Level data-logger / water / hydrostatic
WLL Series WTW


  • Measured physical value:

    level, water

  • Type:



The WLL Series is designed to automatically measure and store changes in the ground water level above see level, via compensated air pressure measurements. As the ground water level change indicates volume changes at the measuring point, this unit represents a valuable tool in the construction industry (building foundations, traffic areas, landfills) as well as observing long-therm changes and effects on the environment. This unit operates by using an analogue water proof sensor to detect pressure, and sends a signal in mA form to the splash-proof logger unit (that runs on regular batteries), with a maximum capacity of up to 80,000 measurement values (complete with time and date). Additionally, this model is equipped with the USB port, providing a simple and easy way to program the device and transfer acquired data to the PC or laptop. The WLL Series is available in 2 versions and features 3 operating modes: interval-controlled measuring data acquisition mode, logarithmic mode and event-driven mode.


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