aluminum cutting machine / for stainless steel / for metal / for copper
GS-LFDS3015 Wuhan Hans Goldensky Laser System Co.,Ltd.



  • Material:

    for aluminum, for stainless steel, for metal, for copper

  • Technology:


  • Product handled:

    sheet metal

  • Control type:


  • Associated function:

    engraving, hole punch, profiling, drilling, bending

  • Applications:

    for metal fabrication, for the automotive industry, for aeronautical applications, for industrial applications, for steel construction, for the electronics industry, for doors, door frame, for the toy industry, for mass production, for jewelery, die board, for carbon steel, for metal panels, for metal pipes, for aluminum profiles

  • Other characteristics:

    with water cooling, CE, automatic, high-speed, precision, high-efficiency, high-precision, high-performance, large-format, gantry type, TUV, high-rail gantry type, economical, high-power, with conveyor, galvanized steel, double-driver, servo-driven, electric, metal profile, rack-and-pinion, cost-effective, with automated loading/unloading, DC motor height controller, with servo-motor, ISO

  • X travel:

    3,000 mm

  • Y travel:

    1,500 mm

  • Laser power:

    1,000 W (1 hp)


1.Double drive system,YASKAWA,helical gear drive.Drive faster,more stable
2.10mm Steel frame,more firmly
3.Gantry beam,cast aluminum.High performance,no deformation,light weight and working fast
4.Control cabinet air condition,more secure,more intimate
5.Removable control cabinet,maintenance more convenient
6.Famous system,Beckhoff CNC Control System
7.Safety protection of cutting head,focal length adjustment,drawer type protective lens
8.Cooling system,water cooling and air cooling
9.Lubrication system,manual one key lubrication and computer control automatic lubrication
10.Material protection feeding system,three sides pulley feeding and hydraulic pressure push rod feeding
11.Double dedusting system,more environmentally friendly and safe.
12.Owns CE/ISO/TUV

Technical Parameters:
Laser source medium:Fiber Laser
Max positioning speed:36m/min
Work platform size:4250x2500mm
Max height of feeding material:More than 120mm
Cooling system:Water cooling
Output power of laser source:1000w (imported)
Min cutting gap:≤ 0.125mm
Thickness of cutting material:0.2-12mm
Drive model:Imported service motor
3-axis model:X axis: double drive with gear and rack Y axis: imported gear and rack
Power equipment:380V/50HZ
Continuous working time:24 hours
Machine weight:About 2950kg
Outer dimension:4350x2280x1500mm

1.Can cut metal sheet/carbon steel/stainless steel/aluminum/copper/zinc
2.Petrochemial industry
3.Bus manufacturing
4.Steel constructiong
5.Medical equipment
6.Fitness equipment
7.Electrical engineering
8.Kitchen ware industry
9.Advertising brand
10.Precision machinery
11.Pipe processing
12.Metal processing
13.Sheet metal industry