metal cutting machine / laser / sheet metal / profile
Wuhan Hans Goldensky Laser System Co.,Ltd.



  • Material:

    for metal

  • Technology:


  • Product handled:

    sheet metal, profile, sheet

  • Control type:


  • Associated function:


  • Applications:

    for the automotive industry, for metal fabrication, for industrial applications, for steel construction, for the electronics industry, for carbon steel

  • Other characteristics:

    with water cooling, semi-automatic, CE, high-precision, high-efficiency, with servo-motor, metal profile, ISO, high-power, TUV


Functions of GS-LFDS3015 laser cutter
1. Excellent overall performance, changeable working tables, 7 seconds to finish high speed changing, improve working efficiency of more than 48%.
2. The machine tool includes loading area and processing area, standard configuration is changeable working tables, auto change the workpiece between processing area and loading area by motor, convenient to upload and download. With the design of changeable working table, could prepare the next uploading while processing, highly improved working efficiency.
3. Equipped with exhaust device, have good exhausting effect and little pollution.
4. Small occupied area, high system integration, convenient to operate and maintenance,24 hours continuous working.
5. The water chiller has good safety protection function, such as over temperature, lack phase, pressure, water-break, undervoltage, overload, etc. With stable performance, satisfied the cooling requirement of laser source

Cutting range(L*W) :3000mm × 1500mm
Z axle stroke:250 mm
Max positioning speed:120m/min
Laser wavelength:1070nm
Output power of laser source:1000W~ 4000W(imported)