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Steel cutting machine / 2D laser / sheet metal / for tubes
GF-1530T Wuhan Vtop fiber laser


  • Material:


  • Technology:

    2D laser

  • Product handled:

    sheet metal, for tubes

  • Control type:


  • Associated function:

    hole punch, profiling

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    CE, high-speed, precision, high-performance, FDA

  • X travel:

    1500 mm

  • Y travel:

    3000 mm

  • Laser power:

    1000 W (1.34 hp), 500 W (0.67 hp), 700 W (0.94 hp)


The New Model Fiber Laser Cutting Metal Advantages
1, Cost saving on power consumption/ only 20-30% of co2 laser cutting machine under same power.
2, Flexibility and precision cutting of simple or complex parts
3, Adopts imported world brand fiber laser/Life time over 100,000hrs
4, Imported servo motor and gearing system ensure precision cutting
5, High quality cut with no extra finishing required
6, Higher cutting speed and efficient, speed of cutting plate over 10 meters per minute
7, Non contact cut which means no marks or contamination of the material
8, Ability to cut virtually any sheet metal

Cutting materials
1.Aluminum sheet,pipe / tube
2.Stainless steel sheet,pipe / tube
3.Steel sheet,pipe / tube
4.Carbon steel sheet,pipe / tube
5.Brass plate and pipe / tube
6.Iron sheet and pipe

Cutting tube type
1.Round pipe
2.Square pipe
3.Triangular pipe
4.Rectangular pipe
5.Oval pipe
6.More special types pipe

Machine parameters
·Laser power: 700w 1000w 2000w 3000w
·Laser type:Fiber laser
·Laser wavelength:1064nm
·Processing surface(L × W):3000mm x 1500mm,4000mm x 1500mm,6000mm x 1500mm
·Pipe/Tube processing(L × Φ): L3000mm, Φ20-200mm(Φ20-300mm for option)
·CNC controller: Cypcut
·Power supply:AC380V±5% 50/60Hz (3 phase)
·Cutting thickness:
Carbon steel:10-12mm (small amount/small piece cutting)
6mm (mass production)
Stainless steel: 6-8mm (small amount/small piece cutting)
5mm (mass production)
Aluminum: 4-5mm (small amount/small piece cutting)
4mm (mass production)
Brass: 3-4mm (small amount/small piece cutting)
3mm (mass production)


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