Metal cutting machine / fiber laser / sheet metal / CNC
GF-1530JH Wuhan Vtop fiber laser


  • Material:


  • Technology:

    fiber laser

  • Product handled:

    sheet metal

  • Control type:


  • X travel:

    1500 mm, 200 mm

  • Y travel:

    3000 mm, 4000 mm, 6000 mm

  • Laser power:

    2000 W (2.68 hp), 500 W (0.67 hp), 700 W (0.94 hp), 3000 W (4.02 hp), 1000 W (1.34 hp)


Applicable Field
The model GF-1530JH 2000W is especially used for cutting from 0.5 to 16 mm carbon steel, 0.5 to 8 mm stainless steel, 0.5 to 8 mm aluminum, brass 0.5 to 5 mm, 0.5 to 5 mm copper, galvanized steel and other metal sheets
It is applicable to sheet metal, kitchenware, hardware, advertising, decoration, gifts, lighting lamps, medical instruments and other fields.

Machine Features
1.N light / IPG fiber laser resonator
2.Imported control system
3.Laser power 2000w
4.2000w maximum cutting thickness up to 16 mm
5.The high speed cutting system high quality
6.Low maintenance cost and energy consumption,
7.Much lower cost of higher usage ROI
8.Laser economic fiber compared with CO2 laser processing
9.Flexible solution to your exact needs
10.Expert in steel, aluminum, brass, copper cutting metal materials
11.Low gas consumption and intelligent power management

Technical Parameters
Laser Power: 2000W
Laser source: Germany IPG fiber laser resonator
Processing Area (L x W): 3000 mm x 1500 mm
CNC control: Germany PA HI8000
Laser head: Germany PRECITEC HSSL
Power supply: AC380V ± 5% 50 / 60Hz (phase 3)
Total electric power: 20 KW
Precision X, Y and Z axis: ± 0.03 mm
Repeat accuracy of the X, Y and Z axis: ± 0.02 mm
the maximum speed position of the X and Y axes: 72m / min
Acceleration: 1g
Maximum load of working table: 1000kg
change time workbench: 12s
Drawing mode: G code (AI, DWG, PLT, DXF, etc.)
Machine weight: 12T


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