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iron cutting machine / for aluminum / for stainless steel / for metal
1500W, P2060A, New Type Pipe Cutting Machine Wuhan Vtop fiber laser



  • Material:

    for metal, for stainless steel, for aluminum, for copper, for brass, for iron

  • Technology:


  • Product handled:

    for tubes, profile

  • Control type:


  • Associated function:

    engraving, marking, hole punch, drilling, profiling

  • Applications:

    for industrial applications, for the automotive industry, for metal fabrication, for carbon steel, for aeronautical applications, for metal pipes, for steel construction, for the electronics industry, for mass production, for medical applications, for slotted steel tubes, for pipe ends, for structural steel, for metal furniture

  • Other characteristics:

    precision, automatic, high-precision, high-speed, servo-driven, CE, high-performance, FDA, with conveyor, large-format, electric, 3D, rotary operated, high-efficiency, multi-thickness, pneumatic, large-scale, with water cooling, ISO, combined, 5-axis, SGS, mild steel, programmable, with automatic feeder, with automatic loader, with automated loading/unloading, with servo-motor

  • X travel:

    7,180 mm

  • Y travel:

    250 mm

  • Laser power:

    1,500 W

    Max.: 6,000 W

    Min.: 1,000 W

  • Tube diameter:

    Max.: 200 mm

    Min.: 20 mm


Tube length : 8m
Tube diameter : 20mm- 300mm
Laser power : 1500W
Laser source : nLIGHT/ IPG fiber laser resonator
Bundle size: 800mm* 800mm* 6000mm
Bundle weight: 2500kg

Cutting limit:
cs 12mm
ss 5mm
aluminum 4mm
brass 4mm
copper 3mm
galvanized steel 4mm

Machine Highlights:
1. Automatic Bundle Loader
2. Advanced Chuck Clamping System
3. Corner Fast Cutting System
4. Multi-axis Linkage
5. Automatic Collecting Device

Applicable tube types :
Round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, D-shaped steel ,T-shaped steel, H-shaped steel, channel steel, angle steel, etc.

Applicable materials :
Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, brass, alloy, etc.

Applicable Industry
furniture, medical device, fitness equipment, oil exploration, display shelf, farm machinery, bridge, boating, structure parts, Structural steel, model board frame, car base, etc

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