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fiber laser cutting machine / for aluminum / for iron / for titanium
GF-1560A Wuhan Vtop fiber laser



  • Material:

    for aluminum, for iron, for titanium, for steel, for stainless steel, for copper, for brass

  • Technology:

    fiber laser

  • X travel:

    1,500 mm

  • Y travel:

    6,000 mm

  • Laser power:

    1,000 W


GF-1560A Laser Cutting Machine Applicable Industries:
1. Sheet metal fabrication
2. Hardware tools
3. Electrical cabinet
4. Advertising craft
5. Elevator
6. Furnitures
7. Automotive parts
8. Kitchenware equipment
9. Aviation & aerospace
10. Fitness equipment
11. Lighting lamps
12. Medical equipment
13. Metal door carfts & decoration
14. Agricultural and forestry machinery

GF-1560A Machine Technical Parameters
Model number: GF-1560A
Cutting area: 1500*6000mm
Laser source: IPG / N-light fiber laser resonator
Laser head: Imported Raytools laser cutting head
Servo Motor: 4 servo motors for all axial movements
Laser source power:1000W
Position accuracy: ±0.03mm/m
Repeat position accuracy: ±0.02mm/m
Maxminum position speed : 72m/min
Accelation: 1G
Cutting speed: Depends on the cutting materials,thickness and laser source
Electric power supply: AC220V 50/60Hz/AC220V 50/60Hz/AC380V 50/60Hz/