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Steel cutting machine / stainless steel / for aluminum / copper
GF-1530B Wuhan Vtop fiber laser


  • Material:

    steel, stainless steel, for aluminum, copper, titanium, brass, for iron

  • Technology:

    fiber laser

  • Product handled:

    sheet metal

  • Control type:


  • Associated function:

    hole punch, drilling, profiling

  • Applications:

    for doors, for metal fabrication, for carbon steel, for steel construction, for the electronics industry, for thin sheet metal, for mass production, door frame, for medical applications, for thick sheet metal, for metal panels

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, CE, high-speed, high-precision, high-performance, FDA, SGS, with water cooling, high-efficiency, servo-driven, combined, economical, with servo-motor, mild steel

  • X travel:

    Min.: 1550 mm

    Max.: 2050 mm

    1550 mm

  • Y travel:

    Min.: 3050 mm

    Max.: 6050 mm

    3050 mm

  • Laser power:

    Min.: 700 W

    Max.: 3000 W

    700 W


The model GF-1530B Series fiber laser cutting machine is the new generation product with updated new appearance and different configuration based on original model, It’s mainly used in sheet metal working, advertising&sign, furniture, automotive andrelated industries.Applicable Target Customers:This series product is suitable for the customers who need to processing plenty of thin metal sheet and high reflective metal materials. GF-1530B 700W Machine FeaturesAdopting IPG or nilight 700W fiber laser resonator, low operation and maintenance cost. Cypcut Controller. High processing accuracy and high working efficiency during high speed cutting.Cutting maximum 8mm carbon steel, 4mm stainless steel, 3mm aluminum, 2mm brass, 2mm copper.GF-1530B 700W Machine Technical ParametersModel number: GF-1530BLaser Power: 700WLaser resonator: IPG / N-lightCutting area: 1500mm X 3000mmCutting head: Raytool Auto-Focus (Swiss)Servo Motor: Delta Position System: Gear Rack(Taiwan YYC)Moving system & Nesting Software: Cypcut control systemCooling System: Water ChillerLubrication System: Automatic Lubrication systemElectrical Components: SMC,SchneiderAssist Gas Choosing Control: 3 types of gases can be useRepeat Position Accuracy: ±0.03mmPosition Accuracy: ±0.05mmMin Kerf: 0.1~0.05mm(depends on material thickness)Max Processing speed: 64m/minTotal Power: ≤ 12KWFormat Supported: PRT,PLT, DXF,DWG, AI, DST,NV etPower Supply Requirement: AC 380V+ 5% 50/60Hz 3PhasFloor Space: 9.5m x 4.5mMax Cutting Thickness: 8mm carbon steel,4mm stainless steel


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